Conference 2018


For those of you who have registered for and will be attending the SBLPA Conference on Saturday 12th May, attached please find a PDF containing our Conference Pack.

Take the time please to read through the pack whether you’re able to come or not, and, in particular, the reports which have been carefully prepared for the AGM by the office bearers. These documents contain important information for you and we’ve taken time to put these together to give you a good and helpful picture of the life and ministry of the Association.

Registration will be open from 9:00am – our AGM is at 9:30am – and then we get underway with the Conference at 10:30am! You can pay on the day either by cash or cheque made payable to the ‘Scottish Baptist Lay Preachers’ Association’.

Please do be in prayer for the Conference that Jesus would be at the centre, that the Lord would be honoured and the Holy Spirit would have the freedom to move.

Your servant,


To listen to any of the sessions from the SBLPA Conference 2018, simply select the session you would like.

Interview with Ruth and Ian Coffey

The Messengers God Uses – Ian Coffey (Session 1)

Who, Me Lord? – Ruth Coffey (Session 2)

Preaching To A World That Does Not Want To Listen – Ian Coffey (Session 3)

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