Background to the SBLPA

by Glen Cartwright (General Secretary).

SBLPA Logo 1bWe’re a bunch of ordinary people drawn from a variety of Baptist churches (all part of the Baptist Union of Scotland) who, by preaching, teaching and communicating, love to show how the Bible is hugely relevant for today! Have a look around our site where we hope you’ll catch a flavour of who we are. 

Against the backdrop of the fast-moving, multi-media SMS, iPod, Twitter and Facebook world of which we’re a part, preaching is increasingly perceived as being old hat, past its sell-by date, dull and boring. Yet to be engaged in preaching today, committed to studying and faithfully communicating the dynamic truth of the Bible, and creatively and enthusiastically showing its relevance within a spiritually mosaic Scotland, is not only an awesome privilege and challenge, but calls for men and women who are counter-cultural and who hear prophetically what God is saying.

 We’ve seen unparalleled growth over the last few years, and with a constituency of just under 90 members, it’s our wish that the Scottish Baptist Lay Preachers’ Association will be a resource from which lots of churches will draw.

For churches, our comprehensive Profile Directory will introduce you to our members. We are here to serve you.

We welcome young and old, men and women, new and experienced lay preachers. Why not get in touch if you’d like to become part of the growing network? It’d be great to hear from and welcome you to a mainstream ministry within the Scottish Baptist family.

If you’d like to become an active member of the Association, please download an Application Form here.

Together, let’s help grow healthy churches!

Glen Cartwright (General Secretary)

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