Christian Preaching Modules

February 27th, 2016 by Bill Duffy

Stuart has taken the time to produce for us a quartet of modules on preaching – defining not only what preaching is, but delving in to its purpose, form and delivery. Informative, engaging and written so as to encourage interaction and reflection, each module builds on the previous one, yet each one is capable of standing on its own.


These can be used either within the setting of a workshop (as we’ll be looking to do), in the context of the mentoring programme, or equally as a refresher at an individual level even if you’ve been preaching for years.


In as much as I ask it of myself, let me invite you to reflect on what you’re going to do this year to facilitate your development as a lay preacher. Why not carve out and invest the time in working through one or all of the preaching modules Stuart’s produced and tailored for us.

Just click on the required module to open up the file.

Christian Preaching – Module 1

Christian Preaching – Module 2

Christian Preaching – Module 3

Christian Preaching – Module 4

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